Utterly genius solutions for pets and everyone around them.


Pro Stain + Odor Eliminating Spray

Our stain + odor spray penetrates nasty old stains on carpet, hardwood, bedding and more deeper and faster than anything on the market.

Health + Odor Grooming Wipes

This pet grooming wet wipe is nanosilver ion-infused, keeping your pet’s sebum layer intact for long-term odor control. The nanosilver ions help zap the harmful bacteria on your pet. The results: a less smelly, more healthy pet!


Poop, meet Zoop.

It all started with our Stain + Odor Pro Eliminator.

Well, scratch that — it ACTUALLY started with a gross and stubborn stain left behind by a Certain Furry Someone on a beloved vintage rug.

That unhappy beginning put our whole journey with product development into motion.

We haven’t looked back since. (Except to get the stain out. Spoiler alert: We still have that rug.)

Why you’ll love Zoop (or your money back!)

Safe for pets, people, & planet

Our products are made with natural ingredients to keep everyone safe. Use as directed to ensure the safest possible environment for all!

Our products have superpowers

All of our formulas give you undiluted, maximum strength applications, so you don’t have to put your back in it to get the stink out!

Proprietary odor neutralizers

Pets are stinky. That’s why our core products include proprietary ingredients that eradicate smells, whether they’re in the carpet or on your pet.


Meet the Zoopers

The reviews are rolling in.

" OMG - A real miracle... Amazing!"
OMG- so easy. I just sprayed and walked away. Odor gone, stain not visible. A miracle... I'm giving this product a 5 star review, since this product is amazing. Highly recommend giving it a try.

-Jack Mickfell

“Zoop products blew me away”
I've trained nearly 100 dogs, and have used many pet products in the past - the Zoop products blew me away. The Health + Odor Wipes/Towels is a breakthrough in the US pet market.

-L Harper

“It makes my dog smell normal, for days.”
Thank you, Zoop. I used your wipes for my dogs sensitive areas, and the towels for the whole-body. It makes my dog smell normal, litterally for days. And the huge towel size is incredible!

-Mike Sedaris